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 Ocean liner SS Normandie
This week I lost a friend. I still don’t understand why life brings these things, but it has taught me that anything can happen at any given moment. Nothing lasts forever and we must hold on tight to what we have in the present. Although I never got to know her well, I am still crushed that she is gone. Having her around was always fun. I felt like I could talk to her for hours. I’d joke about how I was convinced we were both the same person.  I wish I could have spent more time getting to know her but I need to keep reminding myself that within the short time I did know her, she was able to make such a big impression on me.  You don’t need to know a person forever in order to hurt when they are gone. She was the brightest and free person that I had ever met. While sitting around a firepit me and her looked at the flames and talked about how beautiful it was. She told me that one of her favorite movies was Howls Moving Castle and that her favorite character was Calcifer. We bonded over our nerdy obsession with the movie. I’m sure she would have thought this picture is as cute as I think it is.  

Amanda, your fiery light will forever shine in the hearts of the many people you touched in your life. Shine free calcifer. 
I love him with all my heart


ॐWandering Wolfॐ

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For real. #musicmajorproblems

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Bioartis Haari Tesla (behance) - "Macrocosm and microcosm is an ancient Greek Neo-Platonic schema of seeing the same patterns reproduced in all levels of the cosmos, from the largest scale (macrocosm or universe-level) all the way down to the smallest scale (microcosm or sub-sub-atomic or even metaphysical-level). In the system the midpoint is Man, who summarizes thecosmos." - I was doing some researches  and I found experiment with miniatures of space so I decided to try my own. The result has been nebulae, galaxies and supernovae transformed into microorganism.

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ॐNature, Wanderlust, Gypsy, Beauty, Wolves, Free Spirit, Bohemian & Spiritual Blogॐ